ITP Cure raise your platelet count

I have been battling ITP for 21 years now, also known as Low Platelet count, the blood factor that clots your blood.

I have had radiation therapy 3 times, which not many people have heard of, it did raise the platelets for about 4 to five years, then had to do it again. After the 3rd time, my doctor did not feel comfortable giving me additional radiation.

Of course my count fell yet again, down to 34k, they have been as low as 6k, but this time 34k. I decided to try to figure this out on my own. I read how Papaya Leaf Extract would help raise the count. So at first I ordered the organic tea off line, but it did nothing. So, I did in fact purchase the Papaya Leaf Extract ( liquid form) off Amazon for about $10. I was going to have breast surgery but I had to get that count up before they would operate.

After 2 weeks, they had risen up to about 38k, not a big difference, however I stayed with it and after 5 weeks my count went up to 75k! I need to go back and recheck, however the extract does work, with no harmful side effects.

All of the other treatment options are just bad for you, and the radiation has not been approved yet, however too much can cause cancer, so I would not do that either.

So yes to Papaya Leaf Extract! Take it from a long time survivor that it really works! Good luck and God Bless.


Someone who knows how you feel, hope is not lost! =)


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ITP Patient for 21 years!
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One Response to ITP Cure raise your platelet count

  1. donnaluv2005 says:

    Forgot to mention take 10 drops per day with your favorite beverage. The extract comes with a vial. Good luck.

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